• Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke (CHS)

What is CHS Insurance?

CHS insurance is a type of supplemental insurance policy that helps to reduce the cost of cancer, heart attack, or stroke treatment. It is not designed to replace a traditional health insurance policy, but to compliment it by covering additional expenses that may not be covered by one's current policy.

Coverage varies based on the provider and policy details, but most plans cover both medical and non-medical expenses. Medical expenses can include co-pays, extended hospital stays, medical tests, procedures like stem cell transplants and other disease specific treatments, and more. Non-medical expenses can include home health care, loss of income benefits, child care expenses, and dietary restriction aids.

Katie's Story:

Katie, a 50-year-old mother of two teenagers, works at a floral store. One night while she was home with her family, she felt some chest pain and feared she was having a heart attack. Her husband rushed her to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with coronary artery disease that resulted in a heart attack. Katie's major medical insurance paid for her treatment and care, but she was responsible for paying the plan deductible and coinsurance. In addition, she faced a lot of other expenses she hadn’t anticipated. Katie was given a number of new medications to take regularly. She also was instructed to see a dietician and attend cardiac rehabilitation therapy weekly. Her hospital time and appointments were hours she was unable to work and collect a paycheck. Since she needed to strengthen her heart through exercise, Katie decided to buy a treadmill for her home. When added to the deductible and coinsurance from her hospital stay, and figuring in her lost income, Katie's expenses really added up.

Some Facts:

  • Men have a 1-in-2 lifetime risk of getting cancer.
  • Women have a 1-in-3 lifetime risk.
  • 1.4 million heart attacks occur each year — that’s one every 33 seconds!
  • About 700,000 Americans will have a stroke this year — that’s one every 45 seconds!
  • There are 9.6 million cancer survivors in the U.S.
  • There are 14 million heart attack survivors in the U.S.

A life-threatening diagnosis is scary enough. With Cancer and Heart/Stroke coverage, you get cash benefits when you need them most, so you can concentrate on recovery without worrying about your bills piling up.

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